About Me

“Makeup is the art form I use to express my creativity, and the craft I perfect to communicate authentic vision.”

Based in Surrey, Emily Joanna is a professionally trained freelance hair and makeup artist working in all areas from fashion, to beauty, commercial, TV and film. She has trained with the London school of makeup and the DFMA academy in order to achieve a high level of skill in the multifaceted world of hair and makeup.

Working on an array of creative projects, from movie shorts, to music videos with companies such as RAWR London and various fashion and beauty editorials; Emily has been published in several magazines and thoroughly enjoys working with all types of teams and creatives, thriving in fast paced, pressurised environments.

Emily’s passion for her craft is clear in her precise attention to detail and keen eye for innovation. Always striving to excel in her career further, her determination drives her creativity and pushes the boundaries of makeup. While Emily is a fan of enhancing the natural beauty within everyone, she is also very fascinated in the more advanced techniques such as body painting and special effects, which truly allow her to transform a character and transcend an artistic concept.